The 1st Annual SCOTMR
Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2024

The SCOTMR is excited to announce the 1st annual Motorcycle Rodeo in the city of Round Rock. The city welcomes SCOTMR to Round Rock Texas and hopes to continue the rodeo tradition. The motorcycle rodeo is a thrilling and skillful event that showcases the abilities of motorcyclists in a competitive setting. Inspired by traditional rodeo events, which feature various challenges for cowboys and cowgirls, the motorcycle rodeo adapts these concepts to the world of motorcycling. Participants, often skilled riders and enthusiasts, navigate a series of obstacles and tasks while demonstrating their mastery over their motorcycles.

Motorcycle rodeos provide entertainment for spectators and offer participants an opportunity to showcase their riding skills in a competitive and fun environment. These events also promote camaraderie among motorcyclists and encourage the development of safe and proficient riding techniques. Whether for seasoned riders or newcomers to the motorcycle community, the motorcycle rodeo offers a unique blend of excitement, skill, and creativity within the world of motorcycling.



Let the Good Times Roll

Hosting Hotel

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Round Rock near Kalahari